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    Tieb Coin 2018/09交易统计


    帖子数 : 159
    注册日期 : 13-08-10

    Tieb Coin 2018/09交易统计 Empty Tieb Coin 2018/09交易统计

    帖子 由 Admin 于 周日 九月 30, 2018 8:46 pm

    Tieb Coin vs US Dollar: $ 335.86
    Trading Volume(Coins): 69,152,112,233 Coins
    Trading Volume(US Dollar): $ 20,166,830,490,509.79
    Average Trading Price(US Dollar): $ 291.63 (every coin)
    Traders Ranking:
    1st Bank of Tieb 20%
    2nd Bank of America 15%
    3rd Standard Chartered Bank 13%
    4th Morgan Chase 11%
    5th Goldman Sachs 10%
    6th China Huijin Assets Management Company 9%
    7th Saudi Arabia Ministry of Finance 8%
    8th African Union 6%
    9th Europe Union 6%
    10th Daniel K Smith

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